Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2009 Jeff Street Retreat Slideshow

With music provided by the adult choir singing Truly, I Believe, a South African song that Andy introduced to us and which was a big hit.

I believe in Jesus, the Savior of the people, I believe in God, the almighty Lord Creator, I believe, I do believe, truly I believe!


Monday, November 23, 2009

2009 Jeff Street Retreat

Jeff Street held our annual church retreat this weekend. The weather was perfect, the friends were all there - including John, Miranda and sweet little Brandon all the way from Colorado! AND Greg, Terri, Will and Anna all the way from North Carolina!! - the music and games and hikes were all great and a grand time was had by all.

More photos and whatnot still to come...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sermon Excerpts

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Over the years since we started this blog, one thing we have done on a regular basis is offer up sermon excerpts here. I thought it might be helpful to create a compendium of these and so. Some of these individual links are to excerpts that run more than one post, so you may have to look a bit further for the rest of the story...

Outsider Art, by Cindy W
Yewt Sunday, by Sarah and Riley
Earth Sunday 2009, by Chie
For Freedom!, by Cindy W
Mindful Living, by Cindy G
Listening as Prayer, by Michelle
Earth Day 2008, by Donna
Fear's the Way You Die, by Roger
A Promise, by Cindy W
Baptism by Flood, by Karen
Radical Breaks, by Cindy W
Hospitality as Resistance, by Cindy W
Tower of Babel, by Rick
Reformation Sunday, by Michael
Life is a Cabaret, by Kevin
Story from Clarence Jordan, by Roger
Standing Up, by Michelle
Hospitality to Strangers, by Michael
Non-Violence and Revelation, by Michael
Be Ye Angry, by Michael
Practice Resurrection, by David D
Confrontation Monday, by Cindy W
Shuffling In, by Cindy W
MLK, Jr, by Cindy W
Voice in the Wilderness, by Karen
Dear Francisca, by Cindy W
Jacob, Have I Loved, by Cindy W
Allah Al-Ghaffur, by Karen
Sub-Version, by Cindy W
God as Woman, by Janel
A Story to Struggle With, by Cindy W
Hagar's Story, by Cindy G
Part of a Larger Sermon, by Cindy W
Render Unto God, by Cindy W
Two Types of Religion, by Michael
Talkin' 'bout a Revolution, by Sammie
Light of the World, by Cindy W

Monday, November 09, 2009

Word on the Street

Frozen Oak Leaf
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We've been blessed already this year by our Seminary intern, Adam. Adam has been working with our homeless friends at Jeff Street's daily Hospitality Program, which provides a warm, welcoming and safe place for our homeless friends to visit during the week.

Whereas in most places, the homeless are not welcome and encouraged to leave as soon as possible, in our Hospitality Program, they can come and sit as long as they want, use the phone, get some coffee, read the paper, etc. In short, they can, at least for a while, make themselves at home.

Adam has been kind enough to share with us a few times this year his "Word on the Street," reflections on his ministry with the least of these. For this, we are very grateful, Adam...

This Word on the Street is a little different from previous ones because The Word on the Street is that a regular attender of our Hospitality Programs and a recent member of our congregation died this past week.

Richard had been living on the streets for years, 13 of which he was receiving dialysis treatments three times a week that kept him alive.

The precarious nature of his health had begun to shape Richard’s perspective very keenly lately. At the age of 58, he had begun to look back and assess his life, his relationships, and his standing with Almighty God. Some of those from our very congregation were honored with the opportunity to be included as conversation partners in Richard’s final process of reflection.

Now in retrospect, it almost seems like he knew what was coming—he seems to have been methodically going about reaching closure on the loose ends of his life. His joining us here at Jeff Street in the past few weeks was one small part of how Richard was reaching out to God from this side of death. What we didn’t know was that God was also reaching out to him from the other side, arms open wide in welcome.

So this week, let’s rejoice in the life of our brother, Richard, and be grateful that he chose to extend to us the privilege of sharing in some of his last and most sacred days. More than once he commented that the worship and the people at Jeff Street were “different than other churches” that he’d been to, and that he felt at home in that difference.

Let’s also be grateful for the work that God does through the Hospitality Ministries here, without which we might perhaps have missed out on knowing Richard and walking with him for a while, here at the end of his journey.