Thursday, February 05, 2009

Some blessings...

Amos and Martin
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A Blessing for our Sons

Kate Sanders

May you be blessed in your exuberance
confirmed in your creative day dreams
Feel peace in your spirit while never
letting that spirit be trampled

May you find a way to channel your
wonderful wildness
into a moving ahead of the world

Above all, may you always know
that you are loved

Loved by your family
Love by your church community
Love by your God


A Blessing for President Obama

Be blessed with humility, honesty,
integrity and humor.
Be blessed with time to care for
and be with your family.
Be blessed with an ability to stay
close to your roots, to stay
grounded and willing to listen
to the poor and needy.
Be blessed with the desire to
give opportunity to those who
haven't had it.