Friday, February 25, 2005

The Light of the World

Do you how sometimes in the spring and sometimes in the fall, there will be those days when everything is just so sharp, when the sky is as blue as blue can be and when you look at the trees you can see each little leaf, not just one big blob, but each little leaf, and the shadows, even the shadows are crisp and sharp and so well-delineated?

Well, that’s how it is around here a lot of the time. In the light of this community, we can often see things that clearly – like how very rich we are, not because of what we own, but because of one another, because of the grace and fidelity and abundance of second chances that we find in this place.

Like how Jesus really is present in the breaking of the bread, and when two or three are gathered in his name, really is present here among us, loving and loving and loving. Like how wonderful it is to live life freely, authentically, to be who we are, to be able to wonder aloud, to be able to not know all the answers, to be able to come, “just as I am.”

Like how precious life is – as we gather around the table on communion Sunday and we watch the children swirl and dance and delight in being a part of a community that adores them, we begin to feel adored ourselves, begin to feel the glory of life seeping through, that great belovedness above and below and behind and beside and around and within...

We are the light of the world, to these precious little ones, to one another, and to the principalities and powers of darkness. May we shine like crazy, and in our shining, may the world begin to see things clearly.

by Pastor Cindy, the best darned pastor on the planet


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