Friday, November 20, 2009

Sermon Excerpts

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Over the years since we started this blog, one thing we have done on a regular basis is offer up sermon excerpts here. I thought it might be helpful to create a compendium of these and so. Some of these individual links are to excerpts that run more than one post, so you may have to look a bit further for the rest of the story...

Outsider Art, by Cindy W
Yewt Sunday, by Sarah and Riley
Earth Sunday 2009, by Chie
For Freedom!, by Cindy W
Mindful Living, by Cindy G
Listening as Prayer, by Michelle
Earth Day 2008, by Donna
Fear's the Way You Die, by Roger
A Promise, by Cindy W
Baptism by Flood, by Karen
Radical Breaks, by Cindy W
Hospitality as Resistance, by Cindy W
Tower of Babel, by Rick
Reformation Sunday, by Michael
Life is a Cabaret, by Kevin
Story from Clarence Jordan, by Roger
Standing Up, by Michelle
Hospitality to Strangers, by Michael
Non-Violence and Revelation, by Michael
Be Ye Angry, by Michael
Practice Resurrection, by David D
Confrontation Monday, by Cindy W
Shuffling In, by Cindy W
MLK, Jr, by Cindy W
Voice in the Wilderness, by Karen
Dear Francisca, by Cindy W
Jacob, Have I Loved, by Cindy W
Allah Al-Ghaffur, by Karen
Sub-Version, by Cindy W
God as Woman, by Janel
A Story to Struggle With, by Cindy W
Hagar's Story, by Cindy G
Part of a Larger Sermon, by Cindy W
Render Unto God, by Cindy W
Two Types of Religion, by Michael
Talkin' 'bout a Revolution, by Sammie
Light of the World, by Cindy W


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