Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy 25th Birthday to the Urban Goatwalker!

We celebrated the 25th birthday of the Urban Goatwalker last Saturday. It was an amazing night. Thanks for everyone over the years who has made the Goatwalker the blessing that it is.


Welcome to strangers
to friends, old and new
welcome to travelers
and welcome to you

Welcome to fans of Tupac
And fans of Thoreau
Bienvenidos a mes amigos que habla espanol

Whether you like guitars or drums
Or poetry by Rambo
You are welcome here
Even if you like banjo!

Whether you walked here on foot
or rode in on wheels
We are so glad you're here
you're kind of a big deal

Your smile when you smile
makes our hearts swell
but your tears and your frowns
are welcome, as well

The thing is, we like you
you're great, without compare
and we are so glad that you
you specifically
Have made your way here