Sunday, July 13, 2008


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NOT ONLY was this the weekend that our church had the Jeff Street book release celebration, it was also the weekend we had a Surprise Celebration for our beloved pastor, Cindy!

We surprised her at the book party which was only a book release party superficially. The main celebration was to honor Cindy's years of service at Jeff Street, and what a celebration it was! There was music, skits, silly songs, book readings, friends from out of town, fellowship and at least a little intrigue.

Cindy has ministered at Jeff Street for going on 25 years and what a joy and privilege it has been to have her leading our community. Cindy is an incredibly gifted and Godly preacher and we have had blessing upon blessing flow over us by her delightful presence.

In addition to the party Friday night (which was covered by the newspaper here), we had a picnic today (Saturday) and will continue to rejoice in and honor our sister, Cindy, in our church service tomorrow.

And a grand time has been had, and will be had, by all.

Thanks, Cindy, for all you are and do. We thank our God upon every remembrance of you.

We love you!


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