Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bread for the Journey

Bread for the Journey
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It's official! Jeff Street has a brand spanking new book of stories, poetry and miscellanea covering mostly our last 25 years of ministry. This, from a church that is also celebrating our (roughly) 125th anniversary of ministry in downtown Louisville, a ministry that has always been amongst the marginalized and down-trodden.

Another excerpt from the book (last one for a while, I promise):

Throughout Jeff Street’s history, we’ve never been a large church - mostly averaging fewer than 100 in attendance on any given Sunday.
We’ve never been a rich church, being made up of the homeless, the mentally ill, the working poor, and – moreso in these last 20 years – teachers, mental health workers, social workers, labor and justice organizers, and those working in environmental fields: sort of the seamy side of the working class.

What we have been is there. We’ve consistently been there, on the frontlines of Louisville’s poverty issues, homeless concerns, and justice and peace issues. What a blessed history to remember!

What a future yet to tell!


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