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For the last six or so months, our church, Jeff Street, has been working on a book of stories, poems, songs and essays from church members and friends. We have finally wrapped that project up and are having a book release party this weekend.

There are some 33 writing contributors, as well as artwork from three other contributors (all of this in a church with only about 70-90 members) who have contributed 66 stories, essays and poetry (same as the number of books in the Bible, hmmm...). The participants are from every age range, and from every part of our church.

The book is called, Bread for the Journey: Stories and Whatnot from Jeff Street and we self-published it through lulu.com, which has been a great experience for us. At this point, I've just printed out enough for Jeff Street folk and friends who wanted it, but we may eventually make it public if others are interested.

The book cover is still secret at this point, but I'll put it up online after the party this weekend.

Congratulations, Jeff Street!


At 10/8/08, 1:29 AM, Anonymous Lana Phillips said...

I would love to get my hands on a copy of this book. I didn't find it on www.lulu.com--maybe I missed it. :)

Lana Phillips


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