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We have, at the top of our church bulletin each week, a quote. Sometimes from the Bible, sometimes from a saint, sometimes from a poet and sometimes from Abba or Supertramp. Yesterday's was from Milne...

"Do you mean that everyone is who he wants to be, and does what he wants to do?"

"Exactly," said Owl.

"But that would mean," Christopher Robin went on, "that you could make a choice, and decide who you want to be."

"Precisely," Owl said.

"Everyone, Owl?" asked Pooh. "Nobody ever asked me if I would like to be somebody else," he went on. "Or asked me if I would like to be myself," he added...

This was soon followed by an old spiritual...

I want Jesus to walk with me
I want Jesus to walk with me
All along my pilgrim journey
I want Jesus to walk with me...

Which was followed, in turn, by a prayer from Walter Brueggemann...

We are counted your people.
We are grateful to be called by you, and glad for our special way of faith in the world.
You have marked us and named us and signed us, and we are different,
different memories,
different hopes,
different fears,
different commands,
different ways of being.

That difference we find glorious,
but at times a burden too severe.
We yearn to be like the others,
like the others in power,
in money
in freedom,
in certitude,
in security.

We come to you in that deep trial of difference and likeness.
Engage us in our difference,
give us courage for our different vocations,
and energy for our different hope,
In the name of your crucified, Easter One,



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