Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Reclaiming Christmas 2007

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Every year, Jeff Street celebrates the Birth of the Christ by means of our Reclaiming Christmas Project, in which we encourage others to NOT give to us (since we have so much already) but to give to various relief projects.

This year, the Reclaiming Christmas Project will pay for two very important projects in two very needy parts of the world. The first effort will be to pay for a furnace in the school in the city of Ifrane, which is in Muslim Morocco.

An-Nasar (Victory) School has nearly 700 students and serves the poorest neigborhood in Ifrane, Timdiqqin. This is where former country folks and shantytown dwellers live. There is a great deal of misery in Timdiqqin. They have 5-6 months of cold weather in their mountains and the government wood stipend runs out after about two months. The children then are charged to bring in wood for the wood-burning stoves that heat a tiny part of a big classroom.

Putting a furnace in the school will go a long way towards making it easier for the children of the An-Nasar School to get an education.

Our second project this year is to aid in relief efforts in Nicaragua in the wake of Hurricane Felix which devastated Nicaragua in September. As the second poorest country in Central America, Nicaragua simply does not have the governmental resources to promptly respond to all the need.

Our gifts will be channeled through American Baptist missionary doctors David and Laura Parajon who work through CEPAD, the Protestant ecumenical body in Nicaragua. They have been working fulltime helping with various aspects of the hurricane recovery efforts of CEPAD.

By partnering with our Muslim family in Morocco and the needy in Nicaragua, we will be doing our part to promote understanding and true peace in a troubled and often-violent world. And what better way is there to honor the Prince of Peace?


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