Sunday, October 22, 2006


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This year, the money raised in the Reclaiming Christmas Project will go to pay for the salary for a teacher to travel to the village of Tarmilat, Morocco to teach literacy to the people there.

Tarmilat is a very poor village on the edge of the dump for a large city. There are 20 families in Tarmilat and about 120 people total. Tarmilat has about 20 women and 20 children who could be participate in this program.

These are children whose parents are not sending them to school, either because they fear for them to walk the distance or because they didn't send them to school when they were younger and now they can't start first grade at the age of twelve.

With the money raised in this year’s Reclaiming Christmas Project, Tarmilat will be able to hire a teacher to go to them so the children and mothers can be given the gift of education and literacy.

This education can give the children of Tarmilat hope for a better tomorrow. This education can give the women of Tarmilat the potential for significantly more freedom -- freedom to run their work projects more confidently, to participate in other training programs, to do the paperwork that cooperatives need to do.

Finally, by partnering with our Muslim brothers and sisters in Tarmilat, we will be doing our part to promote understanding and true peace in a troubled and often-violent world. And what better way is there to honor the Prince of Peace?


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