Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Greetings from Baptist Peace Camp!

Last nght 10 July 2006 the opening plenary session of the Baptist Peace Fellowship summer confence was fantastic! Rabbi Michael Lerner talked about why people vote for the Right in the U.S even though it is against their economic and other interests: The world has generated a spiritual crisis through materialism.

The Left wants to redistribute economic wealth more justly, but doesn't want to admit to a spiritual crisis. The Religious Right contributes to the spiritual crisis through siding with unjust economic and political patterns, but by admitting to a spiritual crisis (and then blaming the scapegoate of the month) creates the illusion of caring about the spiritual crisis and offering a solution. So, people vote for the Right because the Left won't acknowledge the spiritual dimensions of the current crisis.

I got to introduce the legendary C.T. Vivian as our keynote speaker and he addressed us on fulfilling Martin Luther King Jr's vision of a Beloved Community Now!
More later.
From Reporter-on-the-scene at the Baptist Peace Camp in Atlanta, GA, Michael WW


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