Monday, October 07, 2013

At Liberty!

At Liberty Logo by paynehollow
At Liberty Logo, a photo by paynehollow on Flickr.

Supporters of the homeless at Jeff St Baptist Community at Liberty have begun a crowdsource funding effort to raise money for the At Liberty Hospitality Program. At Liberty is a day shelter open every morning, Monday through Friday. It provides a welcome and safe place where our homeless friends can get out of the weather, have a cup of coffee and a bit of breakfast, and receive medical assistance, social service assistance, clean up, make phone calls and generally get help and friendship.

We have been running At Liberty for ~30 years on a shoestring budget and, with funding getting tighter, we've decided to try to help keep it funded with this crowdsourcing campaign.

Check it out...

Please visit there, link to it, share it with friends, like it on Facebook, give it a pat on the head and send it on its happy way! And, if you like the idea of supporting At Liberty, consider becoming a supporter for this wonderful place of welcome and service for our homeless brothers and sisters.

And, if you're not in a place to support it financially, then please pray for the ministry, visit it (if you're in Louisville) and mention it to your friends. It really is an amazing and vitally needed ministry.



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