Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Yellow Lent

Yellow Lent 1
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This Lenten season, we are celebrating in colors at Jeff Street. Each week, we'll worship in living color and this week's was yellow. Sue offered a wonderful thoughtful moment of how she has found God in the smell of lemons, in the blooming of yellow flowers in a golden spring.

Along those lines, I offer this little poem...


I've seen him twice now,
this American Goldfinch.
Not a rare bird, perhaps,
But certainly near extinction in this
urban jungle yard of mine.
His bright yellow feathers warm me
with a hope that my garden,
my yard,
my city
can be reclaimed
and that nature can once again be
welcome here.



At 3/3/09, 5:50 PM, Anonymous sue said...

OH, that we would have a poem for every alter! It's perfect!

At 3/5/09, 11:33 AM, Blogger Dan Trabue said...

Yeah, but what rhymes with "orange"?


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