Monday, May 07, 2007

Community Work

Community Work
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As most Jeff Streeters know, but perhaps not others out there, we have a group within our church who have been working on developing a farming community for many years now. Planning, meeting, discussions, visioning.

And now, now it is beginning to come together. Land is very nearly purchased and plans are unfolding. The air is delicious with excitement and possibilities.

So, to honor their work, here are a few photos and quotes of the dream unfolding at the As-Yet-Unnamed Community.

I'll begin with a little Mad Farmer...

Excerpts from The Mad Farmer's Revolution, by Wendell Berry:

The mad farmer, the thirsty one,
went dry. When he had time
he threw a visionary high
lonesome on the holy communion wine.
"It is an awesome event
when an earthen man has drunk
his fill of the blood of a god,"
people said, and got out of his way.
He plowed the churchyard, the
minister's wife, three graveyards
and a golf course. In a parking lot
he planted a forest of little pines.
He sanctified the groves,
dancing at night in the oak shades
with goddesses...


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